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America is already a volunteer favorite, even though she’s only been at the shelter for a couple weeks. Everybody we passed on our walk stopped, called out her name, and came over to pet her. She greeted everyone with a wagging tail in return. America is a playful girl who enjoyed racing around the off-leash run and chewing on different toys. America seems friendly with other dogs. She was sniffing and play-bowing and tail-wagging with the dog on the other side of the fence. However, she isn’t a fan of cats. With people, America is an affectionate and snuggly girl. She hopped up to join me on the bench and put her paws in my lap while I pet her. Since America is still a puppy, she’ll need to get some training from her new family. Be sure to stop by America’s kennel on your next visit to the shelter! Get acquainted with this dog off leash in one of our family run areas. Most dogs will need to run off some energy before they settle down and get acquainted with you. Thanks! (from Amy`s blog)

Staffordshire Bull/Mix
Estimated Age: 1 year, 7 months
Kennel #43
Tag #D53582

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