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Peony (also known as Pumpkin) is a sweetie who likes to cuddle and get belly rubs. When we first got to the woodland preserve, Peony sat right at our feet so we would have to pet her before we continued our walk. She quickly rolled over so we could rub her tummy and looked like she would have been just fine doing that for the rest of our time together! Once we did start walking, though, Peony did a good job on the leash. Peony prefers the company of other women, so she would like to go to a home with just a woman or women. She was friendly to two men who stopped to pet her while we were out, so it’s more about sharing her house. Peony seems fairly submissive and sat down immediately when she was sniffing another dog through the fence. If you’re a lady looking for a new best friend, come in soon to meet Peony! Get acquainted with this dog off leash in one of our family run areas. Most dogs will need to run off some energy before they settle down and get acquainted with you. Thanks!

Estimated Age: 3 years
Kennel #03
Tag #D52360

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