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wish list

During this time of year especially, we get by with a little help from our friends. If you are not ready to adopt a friend but would like to let your holiday spirit shine in support of our work, then consider helping out in another way. Consider donating an item or a service from our wish list.

Items we use every day
Newspaper (we go through hundreds each day)
Blankets (during the winter months every dog goes to bed with a blankie)
(not too large or heavy as we wash and dry every blanket daily)
Dog bones, chew bones, treats, balls
Cat trees, toys, beds, treats
Human Baby food (meat based only, for sick cats)
Cat litter
Baking soda (to control cat litter odor)
Sturdy dog and cat combs and brushes

Gift Certificates are a perfect way to help the shelter stretch its operating dollars.
Veterinarian Services (gift certificates please)
Animals arrive at the shelter in need of emergency treatment. In our care are dogs and cats on daily medication, or that suffer from an infection or illness that needs on-going treatment until recovered. Also we have the expense of spay and neutering and vaccinations.

River Trails Animal Hospital 238 N. Saunders Road, Riverwoods 847-945-9591
Animal Medical Center 8343 Skokie Boulevard, Skokie 847-673-2616
Riverside Animal Hospital 2904 E. Route 120, McHenry 815-344-7716
Orphans of the Storm Animal Clinic 354 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Vernon Hills 847-634-0022

Pet Food Suppliers (gift certificates please)
We buy food with nutritional content specific to the needs of the orphans. No other types or brands of food please, we balance every animal’s diet.

  • Pedigree (dry), Mighty Dog (canned dog food), Beneful Prepared, and Cesars
  • ProPlan (dry kitten food)
  • Friskie's and Sheba (canned cat food) and Fancy Feast
  • Orthopedic beds with pillows (for our older, sick dogs and cats)

We have a long standing relationship with Grayslake Feed. They know and understand our needs.
Grayslake Feed Sales 847-223-4855

The products we use can be purchased at other pet supply stores also and brought to the shelter.

Grooming Services (gift certificates please)
King’s Kennels 238 Saunders Road, Riverwoods 847-945-9592
Canine Coiffures 454 Green Bay Road, Highwood 847-432-0771
Fluffy Pup 1352 S. Milwaukee Ave., Vernon Hills 224-280-5484

Mobil Gas Station on the corner of Deerfield and Saunders Road (gift certificates please)
We put hundreds of miles on our van transporting sick and injured animals
back and forth to veterinarian appointments.

Housekeeping Items (gift certificates please)
Cleanliness is next to . . . well you know.

Paper towels, trash bags (industrial), dish soap (Dawn or Joy), Mr. Clean, bleach, toliet brushes (for scrubbing surfaces throughout the shelter), laundry soap and dryer sheets.

We use large quantities of these cleaning and housekeeping items, so consider a gift certificate to any one of the following; Home Depot, Dominick’s, Jewel, Walmart, Target, Sam’s, Cosco, True Value Hardware.

Beyond our Wildest Dreams
Washer and dryer. Any brand, but must be new. We can not accept used washers and dryers.
Stereo sound system (it has been proven that music is therapeutic, even to animals)
Please see us for specifics on these items before buying.

Our Wish list may seem like a lot, but it takes a lot to run a top notch shelter that turns out only the best pets to be found.


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