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Orphans of the Storm® animal shelter is located in Riverwoods (Deerfield), in north suburban Illinois. Orphans takes in, cares for and finds good and loving adoptive homes for thousands of stray and abandoned dogs and cats each year.

We have been quietly serving northeast Illinois since 1928!

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Announcing a New Member of the Orphans of the Storm Family, the Ruth Helen Wolf Animal Clinic and Hospital, Now Open.
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Extended Adoption Hours Through December

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To help even more deserving pets be adopted into their forever homes this holiday season, we are extending our adoption hours through December.

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays in December

Christmas Eve Day and New Year's Eve Day

Closed Christmas Day and New Year's Day

Akiva: Our Holiday Pet in Need!

Akiva is a beautiful husky who has waited far too long at the shelter. The reason that she has been passed over for several years now is because of her incontinence. She has a dribble and a leak at times that she can not control. Not her fault.

Akiva has seen specialists and we now have reason to believe that there is a surgery that has a high percentage chance of helping her and resolving her incontinence.

A note from the vet specialist explains it this way: Akiva has urinary incontinence of unknown origin. Most likely, she has urethral sphincter incompetence which may benefit from culposuspension or silicone injections. There is also questionable ureteral ectopia which could be ablated with a diode laser.

We are prepared to send Akiva to the University of Wisconsin. There, they have surgeons who can perform the prescribed surgery and help Akiva today. And Akiva will then be highly adoptable. We just need to raise the funds to cover the cost of a $10,000 procedure.

If you are thinking about making a meaningful holiday donation this year that could absolutely change a life, this just may be it.

Donations can be made securely on line right here, or mailed to the shelter, or in person at the shelter 11am-5pm each day.

Akiva deserves her chance to experience a real life outside of the shelter.

Watch for updates on our Facebook page and website as we head towards jump-starting Akiva's life.

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Orphans has partnered with Kuranda

We have partnered with Kuranda beds to get each dog its' own bed. Please use the following link to donate a bed to the shelter.

The dogs and cats will thank you.

Please Donate!

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